Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter to myself .. from myself

Hi there, how r ya? :) not sure when will you be reading this but let's talk about what you have down for the past year since your last Birthday, ok?

Today, in 2008, you are waiting for 11th Nov to go to Doha for a new job. Basically you are a Househusband from the day you quit Intel and waiting for the flight to Doha.. I bet you are pretty excited, scared shitless, happy, sad, ... and basically every single emotion that a human can have, you would have got it by now.. Leaving a family behind, to a strange new place is kinda scary it seems eh? Tomorrow nite, in 2008 you will be celebrating your first birthday with you daughter.. let's just forget about the shitty jap restaurant that pisses you off shall we? you were taking pics and smiling but deep down, you are full of sadness.. counting down to the date for the departure ..

Fast forward to present day now... a day more to your Birthday and 4 more days to your Annual Celebration in Doha... what or how do you feel? let's list is all out one by one...
1. Job
A routine job basically for a IT person.. you learn and got a year of experience in the job... basically nothing is impossible or a stumbling block for you now, ain it? A year ago, you were earning JUST enough and now, you earned enough to cover expenses and have a little savings. Is that good or bad? you ask urself.. have you started to feel bored about your job? it is ok to have that sometimes.. once a job become a routine, it does feel kinda sucky.. it is alright to feel that.. seems like you have another challenge coming .. :) hope that will hear from you about how exciting and great your new challenge will be.. do keep me posted... I wish you all the best and as always, you will do great in it.

2. Family
Wife : Hey, i get to know that you manage to support your family without having your wife working .. that is great news.. She can become a full time housewife to take care of your precious daughter and you now. It feels great ain it? to be able to provide food on the table, without having your wife to be stressed, nor worried about $ and her job.. Feels great ain it? As always, you have a marvellous wife and family to back you and support you. APPRECIATE what you have. $ is able to buy you a family.. not able to buy you your daughter's giggle and laughter when you play peek a boo or chasing her around.. the smile on your wife and daughter's face, works greater than any anti stress medicine that you can have... You lucky bastard!

Daughter : A year has pass and your Baby now, is a young kid... :) she is running around.. shrieking, shouting, laughing at your silly look.. your peek a boo... and talking a lot now.. Time flies and how kids grow eh? from "ang koo koo" to "alligator" to a whole sentence now... she is a gem and heartbeat for you.. remember.. she is the planet that circles and needs you like the sun.. be a good role model.. Need to save for her to ensure that she has a good, bright future ahead.. I bet you can do it.. :)

Family : I bet your mum, dad and sis will be proud of you.. being able to provide allt he basic and sometimes.. luxury to your family. They will sure misses you and your family since you are so far but with the modern technology, you can see them everyday. IT feels good to be able to give them the life they deserve.. without worrying.. about $ .. that is what you wishes for day by day and i think you are doing it.. Good Job...

You see, Life is not just about how much you earn... it is about how you live it.. if you do not have any good memories or memories that puts a smile on your face, you are not living a life. you are merely a robot... anyhow.. Hope to hear from you soon and come back with good news about ALL that you have done... :)