Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey you.. yea.. You!

It has been awhile again since i put something ere... :) CNY just passed, back to work... and just feeling that everything has been fall into the mould that i would love it to be... Lots of stuff has to plan and think about....

I have been thanking my GOD day and nite for HIS\HER blessings for all I have.. It seems like i am blessed by the ONE that is looking after me.. ( i have no idea WHO that is but I am sure that SOMEONE is actually blessing me with all these.. )

Nowadays, i thank HIM\HER every now and then.. for the blessings and all.. and i kinda liked it.. strange as it may seems...

Anyhow.. I am still in the mode of LEARNING and will keep on doing what i think i do best... and will keep going strong and all....

One thing that always puts a smile on my face, is the face of family members when they sees me.. the smile, and gesture .. is actually priceless... I found out that what i misses the most now is not food nor luxury cars.. but to be with all the family members and laugh\fool around with them... All my CUz... they are so cool although they might not earn a lot.. they are CONTENT with their lives... CONTENT.. AHA!! that is the word i am looking for.. all these while... The more you chase your wealth, the more burden you will get... the more issue/problems will roll into your chase.... I am learning to be CONTENT with what I have.. and TREASURE what i have now.. rather than chasing what i Do not have....

Dreams are good.. Dreaming BIG is not bad either.. but when you dreams rolls into a bigger snowball day by day.. it is time to hit on the brakes and look around .. what DAMAGES has your dream done to your present life.... :)

One of my fren says that I am able to say this is because i have EARN ENOUGH.. means i do have like 1mil in my savings.. honestly.. NO...

I am starting to feel CONTENT about my life.. rather than chasing another words.. i am TIRED of the chase and all....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter to myself .. from myself

Hi there, how r ya? :) not sure when will you be reading this but let's talk about what you have down for the past year since your last Birthday, ok?

Today, in 2008, you are waiting for 11th Nov to go to Doha for a new job. Basically you are a Househusband from the day you quit Intel and waiting for the flight to Doha.. I bet you are pretty excited, scared shitless, happy, sad, ... and basically every single emotion that a human can have, you would have got it by now.. Leaving a family behind, to a strange new place is kinda scary it seems eh? Tomorrow nite, in 2008 you will be celebrating your first birthday with you daughter.. let's just forget about the shitty jap restaurant that pisses you off shall we? you were taking pics and smiling but deep down, you are full of sadness.. counting down to the date for the departure ..

Fast forward to present day now... a day more to your Birthday and 4 more days to your Annual Celebration in Doha... what or how do you feel? let's list is all out one by one...
1. Job
A routine job basically for a IT person.. you learn and got a year of experience in the job... basically nothing is impossible or a stumbling block for you now, ain it? A year ago, you were earning JUST enough and now, you earned enough to cover expenses and have a little savings. Is that good or bad? you ask urself.. have you started to feel bored about your job? it is ok to have that sometimes.. once a job become a routine, it does feel kinda sucky.. it is alright to feel that.. seems like you have another challenge coming .. :) hope that will hear from you about how exciting and great your new challenge will be.. do keep me posted... I wish you all the best and as always, you will do great in it.

2. Family
Wife : Hey, i get to know that you manage to support your family without having your wife working .. that is great news.. She can become a full time housewife to take care of your precious daughter and you now. It feels great ain it? to be able to provide food on the table, without having your wife to be stressed, nor worried about $ and her job.. Feels great ain it? As always, you have a marvellous wife and family to back you and support you. APPRECIATE what you have. $ is able to buy you a family.. not able to buy you your daughter's giggle and laughter when you play peek a boo or chasing her around.. the smile on your wife and daughter's face, works greater than any anti stress medicine that you can have... You lucky bastard!

Daughter : A year has pass and your Baby now, is a young kid... :) she is running around.. shrieking, shouting, laughing at your silly look.. your peek a boo... and talking a lot now.. Time flies and how kids grow eh? from "ang koo koo" to "alligator" to a whole sentence now... she is a gem and heartbeat for you.. remember.. she is the planet that circles and needs you like the sun.. be a good role model.. Need to save for her to ensure that she has a good, bright future ahead.. I bet you can do it.. :)

Family : I bet your mum, dad and sis will be proud of you.. being able to provide allt he basic and sometimes.. luxury to your family. They will sure misses you and your family since you are so far but with the modern technology, you can see them everyday. IT feels good to be able to give them the life they deserve.. without worrying.. about $ .. that is what you wishes for day by day and i think you are doing it.. Good Job...

You see, Life is not just about how much you earn... it is about how you live it.. if you do not have any good memories or memories that puts a smile on your face, you are not living a life. you are merely a robot... anyhow.. Hope to hear from you soon and come back with good news about ALL that you have done... :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

another day another way

Just got a car - sharing with my mate in Doha.. it is a Hyundai Elantra... kinda basic specs thought but it is a decent transport...
The car comes with :
one airbag - driver side
Auto windows
Aircon - (??)
but it does not come with a Keyless entry.. - so back to basic.. doin it.. MANUAL STYLE...
it is a decent for a 1.6 ... but the price is very attractive - QR45k which is almost equivalent to 45kRM.... so.. what the heck rite?

Not much happening these few weeks... nothing major.... just another day, another way....
Few more weeks, i will be back to PG to hold my princess up high.. :) couldn't wait.... and then will bring them over to Doha... hopefully they can adapt to this boring environment..

I should not be doing this.. cause this is office hour.. but too lazy and bored to move ..

Anyhow... for those who are reading this.. just wanna holla at the world so that the world realize that i am still alive and kicking....

Been listening to all the old school bands lately.. esp Pumpkins... and Radiohead... kinda enjoy both of them with my Skullcandy TI series Headphones.. :)

WORLD!!! - Life is short.. play hard....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Updates... since.. err.. long time ago...

Harlo world... :) it has been awhile since i type something here..... kinda lazy to do any typing
Hope that all those who is reading this, are all in good health . :)
today is kinda a moody day to me.. somehow someway, just don feel like doing anything.. nor dun feel like doin nothing.. just had a Vid Chat with family, i am glad that my family are all healthy and safe..
Not sure why the DOWN mode for me today.. maybe i miss my family.. maybe i am just lazy.. or maybe i am just not Me today... In a few more weeks, will be back to PG again.. and after that, i will have my BigBB and SmallBB back to Doha with me.. I am hoping that they would be able to adapt and settle themselves here.. Just got my license a week ago.. i drove a few times and getting used to it.. Will get a car soon..
Another addition to my cousin's family, and i have a new nephew in the house.. He was safely delivered @ 2pm ++ on the 15th of May... right now, we have like 3 15th Babies.. :) what a coincidence...
Work wise.. what can i say.. just doin my job and what i need or asked to do so that at the end of the month, my bank account has some figures to cheer me up...
Nothing much really happens in my dull slow world.... lots of flashbacks has been "flashin" in my mind.. not sure why.. maybe as you aged, the more you will see this....
"Regrets", "should have dones", "Shouldn't have dones" are all those words that keeps on running thru my mind like bleeping LEDs...
Till now.. i am still having a kick of being a DADDY... but i missed a lot of times with my angel.. I would need to backtrack and try to make it up...
It seems like i am Idling while moving in the mean time... Days passes by... and time is running away... but life goes on...
Just downloaded HURT's new album.. and it is kinda cool... HURT is a good band... my fav song from them will still be RAPTURE...
Since i have nothing much to write anymore.. I am gonna list out my fav songs of all time... in no particular order :
1. Creep - Radiohead
2. High and Dry - Radiohead
3. Fake Plastic Tree - Radiohead
4. My Iron Lung - Radiohead
5. Freak - Silverchair
6. Slave - Silverchair
7. Israel's Son - Silverchair
8. Rapture - HURT
9. Unforgiven II - Metallica
10. Memory Remains - Metallica
11. The more you ignore me ( the close i get ) - Morrissey
12. Jesus Freak - DC Talk
13. No Rain - Blind Melon
14. Bullet with butterfly wings - Smashing Pumpkins
15. 1979 - Smashing Pumpkins
16. Adore - Smashing Pumpkins
17. People = shit - Slipknot
18. Jump da fuckup - Soulfly with Corey
19. Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson
20. Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
21. The drugs don't work - The Verve
22. Black hole sun - Soundgarden
23. Jeremy - Pearl Jam
24. Rape me - Nirvana
25. Something in the way - Nirvana
26. Lump - Presidents of united States
27. Come out and play - Offspring
28. Freak on the leash - Korn
29. All in the family - Korn
30. Children of the Korn - Korn
31. Supernova - Oasis
32. Song 2 - Blur
33. Wonderwall - Oasis
34. Paradise City - GnR
35. Live and let die - GnR
36. Insane in the membrane - Cyress Hill
35. I wanna get high - Cypress Hill
36. Rap Superstar - Cypress Hill
35. Dre Day - Dr Dre
36. The way I am - Eminem
37. What's my name - Snoop Dogg
38. Nookie - Green day
39. When I come around - Green Day
40. St Anger - Metallica

I think that is all for now..still lots more.. but lazy to type.. (AGAIN)... darn..
Hope u guys a good health and life.. as always.. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What have I achieved...

What have i done so far with my life.. with a quarter of my life gone..

My biggest achievement is able to make my 7 yrs long run gf upgraded to become my wife and then tweak her to become a mother...

My biggest suprise - when i was told i am a dad....

My Biggest fear - Am I a good dad...

My Biggest contribution - to provide enuff bread and butter for my family...

The Joy of my life...

Saturday, February 28, 2009