Tuesday, June 2, 2009

another day another way

Just got a car - sharing with my mate in Doha.. it is a Hyundai Elantra... kinda basic specs thought but it is a decent transport...
The car comes with :
one airbag - driver side
Auto windows
Aircon - (??)
but it does not come with a Keyless entry.. - so back to basic.. doin it.. MANUAL STYLE...
it is a decent for a 1.6 ... but the price is very attractive - QR45k which is almost equivalent to 45kRM.... so.. what the heck rite?

Not much happening these few weeks... nothing major.... just another day, another way....
Few more weeks, i will be back to PG to hold my princess up high.. :) couldn't wait.... and then will bring them over to Doha... hopefully they can adapt to this boring environment..

I should not be doing this.. cause this is office hour.. but too lazy and bored to move ..

Anyhow... for those who are reading this.. just wanna holla at the world so that the world realize that i am still alive and kicking....

Been listening to all the old school bands lately.. esp Pumpkins... and Radiohead... kinda enjoy both of them with my Skullcandy TI series Headphones.. :)

WORLD!!! - Life is short.. play hard....